Monday, September 21, 2015

When to Submit Your Piece(s) to Journals

Here's an example of a writing contest that sounds legit (scan then read below):

"Lascaux Prize in Poetry

$10.00 USD
Ends on 9/30/2015

Poems may be previously published or unpublished, and simultaneous submissions are accepted. The winner receives $1,000 and publication in The Lascaux Review. The winner and all finalists will be published in The 2016 Lascaux Prize Anthology.
Submit entries at
Two copies of the anthology will be supplied to every poet appearing in it. Entry fee is $10. Poets may enter more than once, and as many as five poems may be submitted per entry (please paste all poems into a single document). There are no length restrictions. All styles are welcome. Submissions close 30 September.
Entry fees are dedicated entirely to prize money and operating expenses. Editors, judges, and other staff at The Lascaux Review and its sister sites are unpaid volunteers."
Reasons I will submit to this are:
1. 5 poems for $10 or less is the average submission cost. I stopped submitting if costs are greater. When your book sales are making thousands of dollars, submit all you want.
2. "Entry fees are dedicated..."  Look for this phrase on submission sites. Otherwise you're just making the journal etc profit from your hard work.
3. Always follow submission guidelines to the letter.
4. If it accepts previously pub'd or unpub'd, that's ideal, as well as simultaneous subs.
4. I will receive a copy of the publication if selected. If you receive payment, so much the better. 

But the goal, always the number one goal, is TO PUBLISH!!

Choose a contest per month to submit too, focus on that, and submit. Don't get lost in the hundreds of contests, getaways, stipends etc. found in Funds for Writers or CRWROPPS.

Best Rod

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