Monday, September 21, 2015

Starting a "Free" Critique Writing Group

Nothing is "free," but sometimes they are. The one thing every free item costs is your time, the most precious commodity on the planet, from your short life. Whether signing up to a new free email blog on writing, or submitting your email to HGTV's Sweepstakes for a home, it takes time to do those things, even tho, depending on your keyboarding skills, it may be only seconds.

Business monetized this idea, just as they do everything, calling it "lost opportunity costs." Bullshit. You do what you do because that's your choice, decision, need, at that moment in time given your situation and circumstances.

Well, with a sacrifice of some of your time, you can become the better writer you can be by starting your own Writer's Critique Group, for "free."  This is an opportunity you shouldn't miss. It will look great on your Writer's Resume. Here's how I did it and you can also:

Search online for your nearest local public library. The library, besides public works, the police, sewer treatment etc, is a terrific investment and resource, because it's all about education and learning. "It's not just reading anymore," says I, it's much more, including speaking and writing. If I had time I'd offer a class on public and performance speaking also, I would, not just just two writing groups weekly.  Yes, I host, or co-host two groups weekly -- at Public Libraries.

For my Hamilton Library weekly class, in 2012, I composed a proposal, sent it to the director, he agreed and classes started in three weeks. Been goin' strong since. I have learned more as facilitator, reader, listener, critiquer, sharer, writer, speaker etc. than any of my students, mainly by listening to their pieces and the following comments. So will you. To be a good writer you need your wits sharpened; this is one way to guarantee that.

Here's what you write to the Director:

Dear ____________,

Hello. I am a resident of ___________ and have an idea for engaging your patrons and our citizens in learning to write better. I'd like to offer the library a no-cost program on (Creative Writing - Fiction or Non-fiction, Memoir, Poetry etc - whatever you know best), beginning in (month) if free room space is available.  The sessions would last two hours, and I am free on either Monday or Thursday afternoons for 2-3 hours to prepare and facilitate these free writing and sharing sessions with positive critique by participants. 

I anticipate that such a program open to all ages and levels of would-be writers will fit the Library's Mission to ______________, and once time and place are agreed to I will publicize sessions locally, with your permission.

My background in the community and as a writer consist of (list stuff you've done).

If interested, please contact me at (phone and email and address).


That's it. If the library has a room, I can almost guarantee that if you are an upstanding citizen, you'll get the gig.

Next blog will talk about class format.

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