Monday, September 21, 2015

How to Freely Use Google Search Effectively

My quickest and easiest source for facts and quotations, history, and reference, is Google search first. I'm on it with just a few words typed in the "Get Lucky" box. What you type there is key to your successful hunting, so here's some tips:
Write a question without the question or question mark, as in these examples:
quotes of Einstein not "what are quotes from Albert Einstein?"
Or Rumi's books not "What are works of poet Rumi?" or battle of bulge not "What happened at the Battle of the Bulge?"

However, if you really want to get specific, use operators. What are they? Bracketed quotation marks will find the exact word or terms used, or site: to find a site and find others here:

Another tip you already know is that there's no need of caps unless necessary, for example, in abbreviations or acronyms (which actually won't need caps unless you want to be sure. Another? Use "US" for the United States when searching, not lowercase us, but america would be okay. Don't leave your term open to wide interpretation. 

Titles will pop up first, and their blue link under it.
VERY IMPORTANT: Scrutinize the blue link before you click it!
Is it a recognizable site/source? Or an obscure mixture of a name or numbers?

What's reliable you ask? Look at the blue link. What's the website source? What's the name before ".com," or ".biz," etcetera?
Are you itching to click the link because it looks like a perfect answer, but still not sure? Then enter the ,com name into your browser and check its About page. Peruse it and decide. If there's no "About Us" page or no "Contact Us" page, I won't trust it, in fact, I don't trust any site without those two elements.

The very best thing you have going for you is Google or Firefox searches, with their good spam filters.  Also, if you paid for McAfee or Semantec products for Internet Security, they will also help. But I think common sense is most valuable regardless. 

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