Monday, July 6, 2015

Giving Away your Rights

Just a few words
every writer, author, blogger, publisher, or copier 
    must know:

"_____________ Company grants you 
  a limited, revocable, non-exclusive, 
  non-transferable license 
  to access and make personal, 
  non-commercial use of the (Material) or its content 
and not to download 
  (other than page caching or unless otherwise allowed 
         by _______________ Company or permitted by law) 
or modify all or any portion of the (Material) 
  and its content.

This license does not include any resale or 
  commercial use of the Material or its contents;"

Content is King these modern times, always has been
      and it is not "free" although you'd never know
when you see company names 
      like Huff Post or Random House
and the writer's or author's name
      even if "House editors"
and the article title
      and date and time of pub

None of it is free
      not even from my source of choice

All require attribution, and/or a fee, 
      for you to use
unless a critic...
      so criticize whatever you copy 
is my advice

Add your opinion of it.

Speak your mind and heart
      don't let it stand -- 

If that is what you must do 
      to save your assets and not get sued
in this U.S. and worldwide society
      litigious as in ubiquitous
all to make a buck
      not from their content,
but from your auth or 
      unauthorized use of it

More money to be made 
      in that than the creation itself
for Content is King
      and you won't get paid for it
but may get your name in print
      for whatever that's worth...

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