Saturday, February 28, 2015

Ode to Wives

How do you know
     so much about me
     and I so little of you?
Taking me aback
     when least expected

"Do you think you should visit
     Joe (the barber) soon?
We have community Dessert & Games nite Saturday."
And how is it
    you notice my long hair and beard
    when I never do?
Rare is the time
     I trim and shave my cheeks
    and then you say
"Oh how nice you look!"
And I know you mean it
    because other friends say it too
    not just the women.

Or on cleaning day
    when you say
"Help me flip your mattress.
Didn't you say it was lumpy?"
And I ask myself,
    How did she remember that?

Or on Movie night with Barb
    and you ask
" Why don't you change that ratty shirt
     for the nice one I just bought?"
    you had bought two,
    hearing "I need more long sleeved tops,"
    two weeks earlier

Or before the Baha'i Assembly meeting
     and you ask nicely
 "Should you change for our guests?"
     and I put the other new top on.

Or "Did you brush for the dentist?"
     before leaving for my cleaning appointment.
Or "I taped Agent Carter for you
     why don't you watch that
     while I'm at the PTA meeting?"
Or "Where would you like to go
     for dinner tonite?"
Or "I sent your Mom a birthday card
     from both of us."
And to Dad, and brothers and wives, sister and husband.
Or "Did you see you were tagged 
     on Facebook yesterday?"
Of course not.

I used to resent the nagging
     until I realized
Hell, it's all for my benefit
     she cares about me more than I do!
And that was twenty years ago
      and I've been a happier husband since

Or, rarely, "Would you mind
     going to Acme for skim milk?
     I ran out."
And finally it dawns
     How rare she asks me to do something for her!
How rare in fact
     she asks for anything for herself
     except me to look my best
     except me to remember -- to be nice

I marvel at her noticing
      not rare like mine
At her caring that much
      to remember

 that she still loves me

Copyright 2015 Rodney Richards

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