Saturday, November 29, 2014

Poetry or Prose? You decide

The theory of Everything movie moved me
  and moved my spouse to tears at times
It was sadness over Love's rollercoaster
  and Fate's cruel decisions

Did the universe start from a singularity?
Did God say "Let there be Light" 
  and there was?

The universe is Matter and Energy
  even Dark it's been said
Does Dark even exist?
Or is it the absence of Light?

How many Elements are there?
  Just 98 natural ones
    and 20 synthesized
Oh really?

I don't see Light
 or Sound
 or Vision
 or Sensation
 or Mind
  on the Table

Did Time start from a singularity?
Did God say "Let there be Time"
  and there was?
As if

Why must we label everything,
  put a number to everything
  put an equation to everything

Isn't Being enough?

No, not for humanity, not for us

The Search is everything

Enjoy your day, week, month and year

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